My Taco Cleanse Journey: Week 2

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March 28, 2017 by Payton Shiver

I promise this week’s Taco Cleanse update is shorter than last week’s installation!

Tuesday: As I mentioned in last week’s documentation, I wanted to add meat to my morning tacos to see if the protein boost could keep me full until my usual lunchtime of 1pm. My “breakfast concoction” was seasoned ground turkey, black beans, scrambled eggs, and salsa. My stomach didn’t growl until 12:45pm, so I definitely was on to something here. I only ate one, but the taco filling was almost too much for the taco. I would have to adjust, even though it kept me mostly full.

I was craving the standard lunchtime sandwich (I had a turkey sandwich for lunch everyday for nearly 10 years while in public school), so I chopped up some ham and turkey slices, added shredded lettuce, cheese, and some mustard to my two tortillas, and was full until about 7pm that evening. I was tired and not very ravenous, so I ate two small tacos with refried beans and shredded cheese.

Wednesday: I tried two tacos instead of one for breakfast using the same ingredients as Tuesday morning. I was full until almost lunchtime again, where I went to a Mexican restaurant for my tortilla-based diet.

After work, I was craving a cheeseburger. This was the only problem I had with this diet: I had drastically reduced my carb intake over the past three months, but even with low-carb tortillas I had unintentionally upped my daily sugar again. My cravings for unhealthy foods were coming back with a vengeance, and I knew it would be my diet downfall if I didn’t get a handle on it ASAP.

cb.jpgI made a large cheeseburger taco for dinner. Yes, you read that correctly. I put a turkey burger in the oven. I melted cheese on it, and when it was finished, chopped it up and placed it inside my tortilla with a little ketchup, mustard, and shredded lettuce. While it didn’t leave me as satisfied as a normal cheeseburger, I was full and had successfully navigated my cravings.

Thursday: I woke up extremely early for some reason. With the extra forty-five minutes I suddenly had before work, I decided to cave and test out something specifically mentioned in the Taco Cleanse: breakfast tacos could use waffles in place of tortillas. I had some frozen blueberry Kashi waffles, so I put scrambled eggs, spinach, and cheese inside of a waffle. It wasn’t the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted, but it was alright.

I finished my breakfast and got ready for work. I walked out the door and realized I spent all my extra time making breakfast and doing dishes instead of making a lunch. I traveled to Taco Bell

Good Lord was I getting tired of tacos.

Friday: I had an early morning doctor’s appointment, but it left me with more time than usual. I had another standard breakfast taco (eggs, spinach, beans, salsa) and decided to treat myself with another Chick-Fil-A taco for lunch. Like I mentioned last week, I just ordered grilled nuggets and tossed them inside the tortillas I now carried with me everywhere.

I decided to try something that is actually very common for dinner, but I had yet to undertake: fish tacos. I tried them with grilled salmon first, but it was a little too “soft” for my tastes. I needed a little more crunch. I added some lettuce and brainstormed for the weekend. (Slaw is common on fish tacos, but I’m picky and that’s gross.)

Saturday: Like last week, I skipped breakfast because I slept in and got right down to brunch. This time I tried grilled salmon on my taco, but I also added veggie tater tots (cauliflower). It definitely satisfied the crunch that wasn’t there last night, but it still wasn’t the best fish taco in the entire world.ftt.jpg

I bought frozen “beef fajita strips” from the supermarket to test out. I would’ve loved real steak tacos, but I don’t have that kind of disposable income just yet. I sauteed some bell peppers and onions, and added in the strips. It was a pretty good dinner option, and one I knew I’d use again.

Sunday: I had a sore throat when I woke, but I used some Cloraseptic and coffee to quickly get it back to normal. I skipped breakfast and was actually very excited for brunch. I bought “Parmesan crusted cod” and was excited for another fish taco. The cod tasted great, and the taco it filled was delicious. It would definitely be a future mealtime contender, and I didn’t even have to add additional toppings.

Dinner was ground turkey, lettuce, tomato, onions, and shredded cheese tacos. Did I mention how tired I was of tacos?

Monday: I woke up congested and exhausted. I was too tired for anything other than 22oz of coffee and some Sudafed. Sickness for me almost always coincides with loss of appetite, so (luckily/unluckily?) hunger wasn’t contorting my stomach like it usually does. I broke my month-long diet for only the second time and had chicken noodle soup for lunch.

I was feeling a little better by dinnertime, and decided to battle my congestion with spices. I made chicken fajita tacos with Tabasco, hot peppers, onions, cayenne pepper, and a packet of “hot” seasoning from the taco section of the local supermarket.

(Short backstory: I’m not a huge fan of spicy things. I like spices and if it’s appropriate to the food, sure it can be a little spicy…But if I’m crying, that’s too much.)

Two tacos later, I felt like my entire body was melting. I was sweating, my nose was running, I was salivating trying to get the spiciness to stop burning, and I was so close to crying. I went to wash my face, and afterwards was pleased to find that I was no longer congested. Hopefully it would last and my sickness would be over as quickly as it began.

Takeaways from Week Two:
– I’m really tired of tacos.
– I have a lot of respect for people who tried this for a month. I want to point out that the authors of this book reside in places like Austin, TX where taco trucks and unique taco places are abundant, and open at all hours. Upstate South Carolina is not the same as Texas, especially in that regard.
– I’m a picky eater and my creativity is waning.
– I’m researching more about tacos than I ever imagined.

Stay tuned for Week Three…Let’s see if I make it.


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